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"I came to see the Perfect Smiles staff with a mouth full of broken teeh and I was hesitant to smile. I had always been known for my smile. I am happy to be able to smile again. Dr. Boldry and her staff treat everyone as if they are family. I am so glad that my daughter recommended this office to me."
Marilyn O. - Lenexa, Kansas

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"It's almost impossible for me to put into words just how fabulous I feel right now. I'm literally fighting back the tears because I now have the confidence to not only smile, but to also hold a conversation with others up close and personal. My total experience with Perfect Smiles has been a blessing. The staff is not only amazing and professional, but they are very compassionate in listening to me as an individual, not just as a patient and I would definitely say they exceeded my expectations every time!" • Tijuana M. - Kansas City, Missouri

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"I can't even begin to show my thanks and gratitude for what you have done for me! Last October I came in to get veneers on my front teeth after years of discoloration that couldn't be fixed and embarrassing modeling. As a singer, I have always been on stage, had photographs taken and been in various media but I always hid my smile in photographs and on stage. Two years ago I had professional photographs done for my CD release and I begged the photographer to fix the color of my teeth in the photographs - but now I want close-ups taken of my smile! It's absolutely gorgeous!

I constantly have people coming up to me and telling me I have the perfect smile - and it's true. For the first time in my life my smile is absolutely 100% perfect! Now I smile and laugh all the time and I even recently had a promotional photo taken for my band and I didn't ask for any changes!

You and your staff were wonderful throughout the entire process and really made me feel at home when I was in your office - you guys are THE best!"
• Tarrah S. - Denver, CO

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"When I entered the office of Perfect Smiles Dental Care, I was impressed with everyone's sincere kindness and professionalism. I was very pleased with the service and the efforts to always make me feel comfortable. Before I came to Perfect Smiles Dental Care, I was insecure about my smile. Now with my new look, I am extremely satisfied." Vince Demarest - Overland Park, KS

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"I'm pleased with the results of my Invisalign treatment. My expectations were met completely. When I came in, my teeth needed help, but after wearing Invisalign for less than two years, no one would ever know that I once had crooked teeth. The Staff at Perfect Smiles is extra special. They always made me feel at home while being friendly and informative throughout my treatment. They treated my teeth like theirs, so special care was given at each visit. I'm glad I chose Perfect Smiles Dental Care to handle my dentistry needs and I'm thankful that the Invisalign treatment gave me a beautiful smile again." • Kim M. - Kansas City, Missouri

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"First of all WOW!!! You guys are out of control. The flowers were gorgeous. My fiancee, Melinda said, "They were the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen." She was simply overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. Absolutely extravagant and fragrant! My teeth are doing great...it is a crack up to absorb everyone's reactions. The one I am getting the most is, "you look great," followed by conversation then another, "you look really good, what is so different about you."

But my best reaction was from Melinda, the love of my life. She cried when she first saw me. She knows what a sore spot my teeth were in my life. I think she summed it up best when she said that these are the teeth I was meant to be born with. She thinks I am even more attractive, as hard as that is to imagine, given that I was a Greek god before.

God bless you Dr. Bridenstine, Dawna, Stacie, Liz, Lynn and April. You are each special and you changed my life. Thank you."
• Colonel Peter C. - Leavenworth, KS

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"It has been a couple months since I got veneers on my front teeth and I feel like a new person! After a fall that left me with my front teeth chipped, I consulted with many cosmetic dentists. After visiting your office, I knew I wanted you to fix my teeth. My experience with everyone was Amazing! I felt comfortable and completely trusted you. You and your staff completely exceeded my expectations! I love my new teeth and get compliments every day how great they look. I want to thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate everything you guys did for me. I love to smile again because of you and your wonderful staff. Thanks again." • Kristen B. - Lawrence, KS

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"First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the staff here at Perfect Smiles Dental Care. Your staff removed all of my previous dental fears that I once had. Your staff was always willing to help and answer any questions or concerns I had. My experience here at Perfect Smiles was outstanding and all should be complimented for their hard work. Once again, I Thank You All for helping me feel confident to smile again." • E.R. Bartlett - Leavenworth, KS

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"Ten years ago I was in a bicycle accident that did a lot of damage to my mouth. The worst part was I lost one of my front teeth. Ever since, my biggest dream has been to get a permanent tooth put in so that I would not have to wear a retainer all the time. I just received a cosmetic bridge and I could not be happier. Dr. Boldry would not settle for less than a perfect tooth. I am so grateful for her efforts. Every time I went to see her, she and her staff were wonderful. They were always so nice and their number one priority was my comfort and happiness. Over the past ten years I have been to eight different dentists for various reasons in my mouth and not one compares to Dr. Boldry and her staff." • Sheri B. - Lawrence, KS

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"In the year that I have been coming to Perfect Smiles, I have had 3 cleanings and had a new bridge done. I'm always greeted with a smile and the work performed is top-notch. I'm really glad I made the switch lat year to get my new bridge and I will continue to come to Perfect Smiles for years to come and refer everyone I know. Without a doubt, the best all around dental care I have had!" • Thomas M. - Shawnee, KS

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"I have to thank you a million times over for the self-esteem you have given me! I no longer hide my smile with my hand or keep my lips together when I smile I was sol self-conscious of my crooked teeth, especially in front of a camera. As I looked back through the years, I noticed that my smile was always "closed mouthed" in all my pictures. Now, I want to take pictures just to see my smile. I never thought a smile could feel good or be fun. Thank you for giving me beautiful teeth.

PS: A special thank you to Dawna. She's the kindest, most gentle person that I have ever met."
• Tracy O. - Kansas City, KS

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"Dr. Bridenstine and his staff, exceed all expectations when it comes to helping you achieve the perfect smile. Their chair-side manner makes going to the dentist a breeze. Dr. Bridenstine and his staff are always more than willing to make your experience at the dentist a comfortable one.

Last May I went to Dr. Bridenstine with the impossible. I was getting married in June and wanted my front teeth fixed, which had been damaged in an accident when I was eight years old. Knowing how important this was to me, for my wedding, Dr. Bridenstine and his staff jumped into action to repair my broken smile.

A couple days before the wedding, I had porcelain facings, (veneers), placed on my front teeth. Thanks to all their hard work and determination, the impossible was achieved. I was able to smile with confidence during the wedding, knowing that my smile had been fixed. I would encourage anyone that has a smile they do not like, to stop by and talk with Dr. Bridenstine. He will do everything he can to help fix it."
• Allan H. - Kansas City

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"At 51 years of age I can't begin to share all of the trauma and nightmare experiences I have had since my childhood with dentists. The only reason I have forced myself to continue the search for a dentist I can trust who won't cause me pain or panic, is because of the deteriorating condition of my teeth. I know my smile is the first impression to others even before they hear me speak. Dr. Bridenstine and his staff at Perfect Smiles Dental Care have not only met my criteria, they have exceeded it! I can only compare my dental experiences to that of a refreshing and enjoyable visit to a spa. I was not only greeted by name the moment I walked in, but the whole staff offered smiles and genuine welcomes. From that moment on, I was treated like I was their only patient of the day. I was relaxed with a paraffin wax hand treatment during treatment. I was offered to watch movies on their monitor or to listen to music with CD stereo headphones. The dental chair was the most comfortable I have ever been in and I was also pampered not only with a pillow under my knees for back support, but a blanket across my legs and a warm compress for the back of my neck.

After the dental procedure was completed, I was given a warm, moist towel to wipe my mouth. But the truly amazing part of the entire experience was that on a pain scale of 1-10, I never experienced more than 0-1 in discomfort from having my teeth worked on or from having my teeth deadened with anesthesia. Dr. Bridenstine and his staff are the absolute best. I cannot recommend them enough."
• Barb S. - Kansas

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"I found your office, Perfect Smiles Dental Care by searching on the internet for cosmetic dentistry in the Kansas City area. There were many offices to choose from but I ended up choosing your office and I"m glad I did. All of your staff was very welcoming and really knew how to achieve the goal of helping me achieve a perfect smile! I drove an hour and a half each way to your office, which in this case did not bother me at all because I knew what the end product would be. Your facility is very clean and technologically up to date and my favorite, your ultra-soft "Tempurpedic" dental chairs to relax in while you work on my teeth. I admit that I have fallen asleep in those chairs a few times.

Also, I enjoyed listening to music while you worked on my teeth. On one of my appointments, I forgot to bring a CD with me so one of your assistants went out to her car and brought back for me one of her CD's for me to listen to. That small gesture made a big impact on my experience with Perfect Smiles Dental Care. All in all, you have an excellent staff, excellent service and of course, excellent teeth is what Perfect Smiles Dental Care is all about."
• Joey H. - Higginsville, MO

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"I love you all!! There aren't words to tell you how grateful I am for helping me get the beautiful smile I have always dreamed of. I wore braces for 6 years and had some bad experiences, so I was terrified of going to the dentist. I knew I needed a lot of work done and was scared of the pain I would have to go through. Dawna made sure I was always comfortable and Dr. Bridenstine told me everything he was going to do before he did it to help east my anxiety. They let me ask questions so I understood what they were doing and whey they were doing it. It was a piece of cake!

Now, less than 6 months from when I first me Dr. Bridenstine and his staff, I have an amazing smile and just in time for my wedding. But more than looking great in my wedding pictures, my new smile has given me a countless amount of confidence. I never smiled showing my teeth before and now I can't stop smiling! My friends and family tell me I look like a movie star and with my new smile, I feel like one! I feel like I can do anything now and my smile has just become a HUGE bonus. The real accomplishment is that I'm no longer afraid of the dentist. I actually look forward to going to Perfect Smiles Dental Care to keep up my beautiful smile and to see the wonderful doctor and staff. Thanks again for making my dream come true!!
• Your BIGGEST Fan, Sarah M. - Lee's Summit, MO

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"I'm taking this opportunity to express my thoughts about my personal experience with you and your staff. I was your patient a number of years ago until you no longer honored our individual HMO coverage. Then I went to the Kansas City Missouri Dental College for about 4 years. You had given me a letter with a proposed treatment plan indicated about $2,000 worth of work necessary for my mouth. I spent my time with the dental college putting up with a continual change of students and deferrals and postponements because of work being performed on the dental building. My teeth were cleaned only 3 times during those years. Each visit would be about 3 hours with a new student charting and waiting while a teacher looked over the work of a student. Then that student moved on, graduated, etc. and the whole process would start all over again with a new student. Meanwhile, one or more teeth went bad and had to be extracted. The procedures recommended in the letter by you were never performed.

I finally got tired of this process and returned to you and your office. By now, $15,000 of dental work was necessary to repair my broken teeth just so I could eat and keep what teeth I could. It was a pleasure and relief to return to your office. Thank you for your expertise and timely referrals to specialists when needed. Now with an upper plate, lower bridge, crowns and porcelain inlays, I can eat successfully and display a "perfect smile". I have confidence in you and your staff and am pleased to get regular cleaning and check-ups. I would definitely recommend your office to anyone for any dental needs. I hope this letter will help convince someone to make the right decision and take care of their teeth. This is the right way to do it."
• William D. - Shawnee, KS

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"I want to thank Dr. Bridenstine and Staff for being so wonderful to me, not only by giving me my “Dream” smile but for also helping me through my extended process of bringing my teeth back to good health after years of neglect. Every visit is welcomed with a warm greeting, as well as taken care of during the entire visit with a blanket/pillow, sweet, hand-holding or little rubs to make sure that I am comfortable, and constantly checking in to make sure that I am alright. When I leave, I am so thankful for the kindness and genuine care that I am given. I feel honored and lucky to be a patient and feel part of the Perfect Smiles “family”. You are all so special and unique! Thank you!" • Julie W. - Kansas City, MO

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"In 1992 I went to Dr. Bridenstine for a second opinion regarding the fillings in my front teeth. My dentist at the time had given me the option of crowns or a bridge replacement. I wanted to see if they could place fillings. Dr. Bridenstine felt confident that he could repair them with fillings. I switched to him then and have been with him ever since. Since I have an under-bite, bad occlusion, and a small palate, my teeth do require more than average care. After ten years, I finally had crowns put on my front teeth. They are beautiful! Dr. Bridenstine has been an excellent dentist, providing what I believe to be the finest dental care in the area. Over the years, Dr. Bridenstine has worked with me on determining what kind of restorative or preventative care my teeth require. This care has included cleaning, fillings, crowns, and referrals for root canal and periodontal care. Dr. Bridenstine and his staff have always provided top-notch care, never settling for inferior choices. His office has also been helpful in determining what my costs will be and what my insurance may cover. I would recommend Dr. Bridenstine (Perfect Smiles Dental Care) to anyone seeking a dental provider. You will find a pleasant and relaxing environment with staff that are professional, cheerful, and helpful to their patients' needs and concerns." • Michael M. - Kansas

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"I have always been embarrassed by my teeth. I never really smiled in pictures and people noticed this. I've always had a series of bad experiences with dentists. From the beginning everyone here has treated me with the utmost respect, kindness and professionalism. For the first time in my life, I don't dread coming to the dentist. I actually look forward to it! I had metal braces as a teenager and that was a disaster. Invisalign makes so much sense and was so easy. Now that I have veneers on top, I couldn't be happier with the results. I wish the whole world knew how great everyone in this office has been to me and I can bet, everyone who comes there." • Sheryl V. - Overland Park, KS

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"I am very pleased with my Invisalign Results. I am much more confident with my smile now. Most importantly, it didn't change my lifestyle while they were in. I didn't have to worry about braces." • Dustin R. - Shawnee, KS

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"Since you have made my dentures, you have and continue to, change my life! I am a much happier person. I laugh and smile so much now. I feel so much better about myself! I've been without dentures for 10 years. I now eat so much healthier and feel better each day.

To say thank you seems not enough for how you have changed my life. So here is a smile for you! Here is heartfelt laughter and happiness from my heart. The office is so pleasant and the staff are unbelievably kind and gentle!"
• Kirsten P. - Kansas

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"I had a great experience with the Dentist and Staff at "Perfect Smiles". They were extremely helpful in bringing my dental work up to date and getting me fitted for a Snap-On Smile.”
Benjamin J. - Topeka, Kansas

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"Many thanks to Dr. Bridenstine's office and Invisalign! I am finally able to communicate face-to-face with someone without being self-conscious of my smile!

Thanks to Dawna's patience and drive for perfection, I am ecstatic with the results and I know my case with Invisalign could not have turned out any better. Dawna knew exactly what was supposed to happen with each aligner and cared enough to make sure the results were exactly what we expected and nothing less than 100%.

Everyone I know is extremely impressed with the results I achieved using Invisalign. If I could go back and do it all again, I would absolutely choose Invisalign again (but only through Dr. Bridenstine's office!)."
• Emily L. - Kansas City

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"Before the procedure I never believed my smile could look so good. I'm amazed, pleased and proud. You have a real caring dentist office and staff." • Bud C. - Overland Park, KS

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"I was always self-conscious about my discolored teeth and didn't smile much. After Dr. Bridenstine whitened my teeth and closed some gaps with cosmetic bonding, I began smiling all the time. People said I was like a new person. Wow, what a difference! Thanks, Dr. Bridenstine and your wonderful staff at Perfect Smiles Dental Care for my beautiful smile. I love it!" • Dixie T. - Kansas

I had veneers that were put on by another dentist and I was never happy with the way they turned out and I had been thinking about getting them replaced for quite some time. After talking with Dr. B., I finally decided to get them replaced. I am really happy with the way they turned out and wish I would have done this a lot earlier. Dr. B and staff were great! Thanks! Jeff G. - Overland Park, KS

My experience was very pleasant as usual. Keep up the good work. Les E. - Lenexa, KS

I am always in awe at your customer service. I swear, every time I visit your clinic I go back to my work and try to emulate what you folks do. Thanks! Jeff M. - Olathe, KS

Your dental practice is the best I have ever gone to and I have recommended 2 people to your office already and they have been seen and happy. KEEP UP THE GREATNESS! • Brenda I. - Raymore, MO

My Crown feels great! On the way home yesterday, I thought it felt a bit high, but after chewing a little, it feels like my own tooth! I haven't been able to chew on the left side in months! • Thank you so much, Dr. Bridentine, for such good work. • Matt S. - Lenexa, KS

I probably said this before - the staff members are all so happy and cheerful, get along with each other and approach me with the right amount of personal care in a professional manner. I have not had such positive experiences at any other dental office. This is the first place I have felt comfortable enough to return for more care in many years! Each member of the whole team is always smiling, greets me by name the moment I walk through the door. I continue to be very comfortable and am growing less fearful (scarred by bad experiences in the past) of dental appointments. Thank you for this new piece of mind. • Julie B. - Shawnee, KS

Wow! I was really impressed with how nice the staff and doctor was. I don't know that a person could have a more positive experience than provided at this clinic! • Scott H. - Lenexa, KS

You are ALL AWESOME! I feel every one of my needs were handled in the most sensitive and individualized way. Actually, I never felt I would like going to the dentist...with you (each of you) being there for me, I can rest assured and look forward to yet another great experience for my oral health and my new BEAUTIFUL smile!!! • Julie F. - Lenexa, KS

Alaina is a wonderful and gentle hygienist. I enjoy working with her on my oral health. She is friendly and knowledgeable. She makes each visit as comfortable and pain free as possible. Dr. Bridenstine is always warm and takes his time to make sure you are aware of whatever health concerns exist and explains your options. Glenda in the front office is always warm and welcoming. My visits are always great and my husband Michael and I enjoy your practice. Keep up the great work! • Sierra E. - Gardner, KS

The whole team is superb. I have ultra-sensitive teeth and Dr. Boldry personally sees to it that I am no longer "sent to the moon" during check-ups and cleanings. No changes recommended-- perfect as is! Thanks again! • Jack C. - Olathe, KS

Your entire staff was smiling and pleasant. The people who worked on me were comforting and gentle. I will continue to seek care with your office -- I have avoided dental care until finding you! • Julie B. - Shawnee, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine, I'm just writing to say thanks for your service and the quality of people you hire in your office. I did not realize how just being able to eat on the left side of my mouth could be so exciting. I have not eaten on that side and tried not to let hot or cold hit that side of my mouth for quite a long time. I guess I had just learned to live with it. I was in your office (yesterday) and you "fixed" the problem with such compassion, tenderness and excellence. I went home and at dinner realized, hey, I can eat on that side now. Wow, just a simple thing like that and I had "lived with it" for all this time. My food seemed to taste better :>)

Thanks for changing my mindset about dentists. I realized that because my parents thought it was a waste of money and did not put a priority on going to the dentist, I had adopted the same mindset. As problems came up, I just learned to live with them. When I came to you the first time your staff was very gracious in explaining from a medical perspective how going to the dentist was just as important as going to the doctor because what goes in my mouth affects my overall health. I didn't realize that the bacteria and plaque under my gums was going right into my bloodstream. A week before that my doctor suggested the same thing. It wasn't that I didn't brush my teeth or try to take care of them, I just didn't think going to the dentist was important, as long as I wasn't in excruciating pain. It makes sense now and I am excited to get all of my teeth and gums back into a category of "good health".

Not only are you concerned about the "health" of my mouth but you really care that we are concerned about how we look when we smile. I want to keep smiling in life and when I do, I want my smile to look pleasant and healthy. After all, a smile tells a lot about someone. How many people are out there not smiling, not because they are hurt, mean or rude, but because they are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth? Through all the things you sponsor and do, you are making a difference in humanity to keep us smiling! And when we smile, we feel better.

Your staff is absolutely incredible. They are kind, understanding, concerned and have a mindset of excellence. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I left, EVERYONE has that same kind, understanding, patient and enthusiastic attitude. It is rare to find this kind of service in our society and when we do, we should say something about it. So, again, thank you. • Deon Belcher - Olathe, KS

TRUST ME—At PERFECT SMILES all work is done professionally, with great care and detail, and for the most part, painlessly!!! The staff and dentists are so kind and attentive that it is practically a pleasure to be there. My cavity fills and refills look great and feel strong. The four veneers we placed on my front teeth also feel solid and look fantastic!!! On my final note, it is comforting to know that PERFECT SMILES stands by their work, has guarantees and will be more than happy to set you up with follow-up appointments. THANK YOU SO MUCH "PERFECT SMILES"!!! Until Next Time, Derick - Shawnee, KS

The experience I had at Perfect Smiles was great! They did a wonderful job with my bridge, making sure that everything was perfect. Each visit the staff was very friendly and comforting, as the work I had done could get painful! They are all great!!! • Shannon C. - Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff, I love my new teeth. They are so white! I find myself always looking at my white teeth in the mirror. I feel so much better about myself and I"m smiling all the time. I"m glad I made the decision to have you design a new smile for me. Thank you so much. Gratefully, Cheryl H. - Olathe, KS

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful new smile. I receive compliments every day. Sincerely, Patty D. - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff, I would like to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate having a good dental experience. You all strive to make your patients comfortable - from the pillow under the knees, to the blanket over the lap, the warm neck pillow, to the eye protection, to the pleasant music, to the good movies, to the bite rest so I don't have to try to hold my mouth wide open. I appreciate how you use topical anesthesia before you numb me up, how you put the anesthesia in slowly so it won't hurt me and give me as much time as needed so I won't feel a thing. I like the Vaseline on my lips so they don't stretch and crack, that you don't rest the equipment on my mouth, that you are very gentle and care about my comfort.

I appreciate that you keep a realistic schedule - I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes in the waiting room and you have a decent selection of magazines to browse. The warm wax hand treatment is a nice little extra and the heat on my hands throughout the appointment is relaxing. Every time I come in, I'm greeted by name. I like the reminder phone call the day before and the follow up phone call after the last visit.

I like the tidiness and brightness and open feel of your office. But most of all, I like the courtesy that the staff offers to one another. Each time I've been there, I hear "please" and "thank-you" and offers to help one another. There is cheerfulness and respect-which seems to be contagious. I"m sure a great deal of that starts with your assistant, Dawna. I also like that the office is only a few minutes from my home.

It's nice to know that my dental care is in the hands of competent, professional and caring people. Thanks for all you do. Best Wishes, Judy R. - Lenexa, KS

The Best Dental Team I've Ever Seen! I cannot thank all of you enough for your wonderful caring and support, not to mention your excellent dentistry! Each of you go way above and beyond just being part of a dental team. I could not believe that after caring for me and my teeth all day that I received flowers before leaving! That was incredible and totally unexpected! You are like a wonderful family and I"m so happy to be a part of it. I love my new smile already and I know that it's going to get even better! You are truly the best team I've ever seen! Love To You All, Michelle S. - Stillwell, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine, one day I was sitting in front of my bathroom mirror looking at my worn out smile. My teeth were crooked, stained and very unattractive and embarrassing. I decided to come see you and find out if anything could be done. Two weeks after my visit with you I was sitting in front of that same mirror in total amazement that what I saw in front of me was the same person. It just couldn't be!

Just today I received five compliments about my new beautiful and sparkling smile. I walk around with more confidence than ever before and it's amazing how differently people now treat me. I can't believe I waited this long to look younger and feel more beautiful. My teeth are now as white as my baby daughter's teeth. My family and friends keep telling me how young I look and I'm loving it. I think it's fabulous you can reverse the clock this much! Sincerely, Julie M.- Shawnee Mission, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine, I never thought a smile could do so much. But after meeting the woman of my dreams, I have more confidence in myself than ever before! Thanks for everything! • Ken A. - Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine, I'd like to thank you for being willing to see me on an emergency basis last Friday. That was the first time I'd ever experienced a tooth "going south". The pain combined with a lack of sleep made for a miserable morning. Thanks for taking steps to get me out of pain. Sincerely, Kim Q. - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff, my co-workers were amazed at how quickly I went from having a hideous mouth to the perfect smile almost instantly! It seemed like magic and it didn't hurt a bit! Sincerely, Ed W. - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine, What a pleasant surprise! It was such fun to receive a package of filets from Omaha Steaks. We will share them with our friends. Your thoughtful consideration is so typical of you and your wonderful staff. I am so blessed to have met Stacie, she led me right to your door. Hugs To All, Becky G. - Mission, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,

Thank you so much for sending us tickets to the Royals game. Jack and I really enjoyed going to the ballgame on Sunday. The Royals lost but we had fun. We had no idea referring others to your office would result in such generous gifts.

Thanks Again,
Jack & Jackie Hamin - Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,

We would like to thank you for the service our family received at your office. We especially wanted to thank you for the gift certificate to Houston's Restaurant and the AMC movie tickets for referring family and friends to you. We'll continue doing so. We will surely enjoy the gift certificates.

Thanks Again,
The Taylor Family - Overland Park, KS
Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

The other day I walked into a sales meeting where I needed to make a presentation about a new product. You should have seen the look on our client's face. She hadn't seen me since I went for my cosmetic dental makeover. Where before my teeth had gaps, were crooked and looked ugly, now they are white and straight. The client was very impressed with my presentation and afterward said she really liked my "new look". I didn't think my teeth made a difference in my career but I was wrong. I owe a lot of my success to you and your staff. A Big Thanks To All!

Thomas Wakefield - Leawood, KS
Dear Dr. Boldry,

What a lovely surprise you and your staff gave me. The flowers you gave me for my birthday are beautiful! You are so nice. You are very special to me.

Virginia Allen - Shawnee Mission, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine and Your Wonderful Staff:

I had no idea that my referral of my friend to your office would reap such wonderful rewards. What a nice surprise! The movie tickets and the Houston's Restaurant gift certificates are very much appreciated. You guys are great!

Thank you,
Kristy Monk - Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

A belated thank you for sending me the theater tickets and a gift certificate to Houston's Restaurant. As you know my husband is very ill but as soon as he gets on his feet we will have a night out on you. I must say, this has been a first for me. The first time to win anything and the first time to be rewarded for recommending the very best!

God Bless You All,
Doris Pflumm - Shawnee, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

I would like to thank you all for the beautiful arrangement of flowers you gave me. I am really enjoying them. I also want to thank you for the phone card. It was so nice of all of you to think of me. I am so happy I found your dental office. You make me feel so comfortable. I appreciate all of your concern on how I am doing. It's a real pleasure knowing wonderful people like you. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thanks Again,
Mary Smith - Shawnee, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,

I hope you enjoy these flowers. Thanks for the great job with the color matching of my new porcelain crowns. They're perfect. And you thought I was kidding about the flowers! Have a good one!

John Little - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the phone card and for selecting me as the "Patient of the Day". Your courteous and thoughtful staff make the trips to the dentist a lot easier. Thanks again.

Kirk Heinz - Lawrence, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past two years. I don't have a worry or fret at all anytime I come to your office. You have always made me feel welcome and comfortable with every procedure. I take every opportunity to speak highly of your office. You all should credit yourselves with being able to establish lasting partnerships! Looking forward to more of the same five-star treatment in the future years to come! Also, thank you for the movie tickets! I have a move in mind I'd like to see.

Darrell Brenneke - Mission Hills, KS

Dear Dr. Kelly & Staff,

OOPS! Wouldn't it be unforgivable of me if I neglected to send you a Thank You card for the wonderful gift? I like your rewards for referrals program. Keep up the good work and this referral program!

Fern Long - Shawnee, KS

Hi To You All,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. I really appreciated them more than I can say. Also, thanks for being so kind to me.

Your Friend,
Vetta Miller - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

Thank you very much for the free check-up. I really appreciated it. Hopefully I won't have to have dental "treatment" in Argentina while serving my two year mission as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (www.lds.org)

Elder Jason Draper

Thank you for all you have done for me. I can honestly say I never dread coming to your office. Thanks for taking good care of my family.

Rene Terrill - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Boldry,

Than you so much for taking such good care of me. The flowers you gave me are beautiful. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Myrna Pennington - Lenexa, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,

I can't thank you enough for helping me change my life. So many people have noticed my superb white smile. I look forward to my next visit. My teeth are sparkling like a star in heaven!

Arnold Lilich - Lawrence, KS

Dear Dr. Bridenstine:

I left your office with a Perfect Smile. You were great! Everyone in your office is so friendly and made me feel comfortable. I tell everyone I know that if they need a dentist, and are afraid to go, don't be. They will be so glad they chose to go to Perfect Smiles Dental Care. I know I made the right decision.

Rhonda Emory - Paola, KS

Dear Dr. Boldry,

I had worn my dentures for many years and teeth had worn off from chewing. They had become loose and would fall down while I tried to eat and speak due to age of the dentures and recent weight loss. When my dentures were first made for me years ago, I went to my regular dentist and she recommended that I see a denture specialist and she referred me to Dr. Tracy Boldry.

Dr Boldry was "alright!" Everyone at the office was very nice. At my first visit consultation with Dr. Boldry, she asked me about what I wanted to be changed about the fit and looks for the new dentures. (I did not want gaps). We were able to get started with the first step toward my new dentures that very same appointment!

After a few visits to Dr. Boldry for the steps needed to make the dentures, I got my new teeth! I wore them for a few days and got some sore areas that needed some attention. I called the office, scheduled the appointment and Dr. Boldry adjusted the spot that was making me sore. The dentures now fit great and look good too!

I recommend anyone who needs some teeth - GO SEE DR. BOLDRY!

Ray Bermudez, Sr. - Kansas City, MO

There should be 10 stars here and not 5. Dr. Bridenstine is THAT good! His staff is equally awesome! I had an emergency and he saw me immediately taking the time from his busy schedule to fit me in, not once, but twice. I'm from Virginia and visiting my daughter when I broke a tooth with a cap on it mid morning. The pain was intense! I asked my daughter who her dentist was and she recommend Dr. Bridenstine. I called and his office saw me that afternoon. I hardly sat down before I was brought back to be seen as an emergency patient. The examination was very thorough and after realizing that the crown was broken off at the gum line and I needed a root canal. The office staff searched until they found someone who could see me at 8:00 the next morning. I was given a RX for pain medication to get me through the night. The next morning they saw me immediately after the root canal was done, (again, a very short wait in the office), to fix my tooth and get me through until I got back to Virginia to see my regular dentist. The staff was amazing, extremely helpful and professional. Glenda, you were the best!!!!! Thanks for being so kind. Dr. Bridenstine was beyond wonderful. Very caring and gave exceptional dental care. I was amazed he could work me in after the root canal (I mean immediately after the root canal was finished. I went straight to his office). He made a new foundation on my broken tooth and retrofitted my porcelain crown over it and permanently glued it back on. Anyone seeing my smile wouldn't know I had any problems. Total time for both after seeing him for the emergency to the time he finished fixing my tooth and gluing my crown back on was 24 hours. If I could afford to fly from Virginia to make him my dentist, I would. He was that awesome. I'm glad to know my daughter is seeing him as her regular dentist. She probably sees one of the best dentists in Kansas City and Lenexa area. It's a rarity to find a dentist who will take the time and make themselves available when there's a dental emergency. I feel Dr. Bridenstine is that kind of dentist. Patients first! Thank you again to his whole staff who run a top notch professional business and put the patient first in everything they do. Thank you all so very much!!!!

Aubrey Gleske
Gore, VA

WOW! I am acstatic about my results from my teeth whitening! Dr. Kelly was so personable and friendly and his entire staff made me feel relaxed and so welcome. Plus, Jacque did an incredible job and I truly had no discomfort at all. I am in awe of what a wonderful experience I had. I would highly recommend Perfect Smiles Dental Care. I think they really are perfect. :)
Rachel Skaff
Omaha, NE.

Dawna was excellent! the whole experience was beyond me. I love her. This is my new dental home.:) After this experience, I can't imagine going anywhere else. :)
Syretta McGee
Lenexa, KS

Everyone ALWAYS seems to be doing a "how to" dental school class with me as a patient. Super impressive, as it never fails. Seeing Glenda, so lovely, is worth the trip. But, most importantly, I know I'm in capable hands.
Liz Cook
Lenexa, KS.

Thank you Dr. Bridenstine!! You are a sculpture of composite fillings! :) I appreciate your talent!
Lisa Short
Lenexa, KS

"Everyone in the office is wonderful, progessional, friendly, helpful and happy to see me everytime I come in! That's more than I can say for just about any other office I visit."

Tracey Alderson

"Everyone I met there was amazing. I was a little nervous coming in because I have not been to a dentist since I was a kid. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They explained everything so I could understand it and feel comfortable. I love this office! Thank you."

TerriAnn Hernandez

"After years of anxiety surrounding going to the dentist I finally found a place where my anxiety is mitigated and the staff is so kind!"

Erin Miller

"Everyone was so nice and they seemed so happy to be working there. They were so caring and considerate of me and my feelings of embarrassment of my smile. They all had such pretty smiles in which gives me hope that maybe one day I will have one. I enjoyed my visit and I'm actually looking forward to my next visit."

Stacy Aldridge

"My wait wasn't really immediate, but less than ten minutes. You guys all rock!"

Retha Hance

Dear Dr. Bridenstine and Team:

I wanted to tell you I’ve never been so blessed till I met all of you, (well, when I had my kids that was ever- so-cool!!) But your own wonderful smiles of your own that you give me and your warm, compassionate, caring for me and many others I’m sure, deserves an award! I’ve even heard these same close words from staff at CSL Plasma Center that are also clients of your dental office and we are all proud to have known, met and become a part of your “Perfect Smiles Team!” You’ve given back my self-esteem, my will power to move obstacles and faith believing that there are truly good people that are still in the world. For this and more I want to thank you for giving me all your patience, understanding and concern with each of my visits. There are the hugs, the fears and with my fears, your comfort was more than words can express. But “My Smile” will speak words by the thousands I’m sure. May God bless each and every one of you and hats to the one who coordinated such a harmonious staff.


Robin Palmgren

Kansas City, KS

“Give Me Back a Smile” Recipient

I had the best experience in this office. They put the patient first. I’m even willing to get further dental work done that is needed at this office.

Jackie Coleman

It’s rare that you can find a dentist/office in a new city on the very first try! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. The super friendly staff made me feel genuinely welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. I also appreciated the explanation of financial options and insurance coverage before the appointment was even scheduled for future visits/procedures. Thank you! Josey Kruse

The staff was more than friendly. They made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

Elizabeth Buckley

The whole team does a great job attending to the customer’s needs/desires/expectations.

Roland Castro

Perfect Smiles has been a great experience for me. After a number of years without dental check-ups, I was tentative about what would need to be done. I was pleasantly surprised with the extremely polite, professional and friendly atmosphere. On top of that, the quality of work and service was and has been excellent. I would recommend Perfect Smiles to anyone who has any dental needs. Everyone in the office makes it a truly wonderful experience to go to the dentist

Michael Bonebrake

I am very happy with my new veneers! The staff was very nice and helpful. I would recommend Perfect Smiles dental care to anyone seeking cosmetic procedures.

Tyler Allen

Alaina is the best. She is always so considerate and my teeth feel terrific after she cleans. As an extra bonus, I was thrilled when my Humana insurance took some of the charges. Glenda did a great job in checking on my benefits. Dr. Bridenstine is always so professional and it never seems like he is rushing to do the follow up check- up. They are all great in what they do. Missed seeing Dawna this time. I’ll catch up with her in six months.

Karen Cave

Everyone was extremely pleasant. The doctor explained his plan of care for me very well. I have already recommended several people. Alison Mitchel

I love this place! Have not had a bad visit yet! Danielle Pendleton

Great staff. I love that all options are presented including cosmetic without being overly pushy. Love the hygienist as well. Overall, just enjoyed the office and staff and dentist. Everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Alexis Peterson

Everyone there is really nice – ALMOST changes my opinion of dental offices.

Stan Kammerer

The lady at check-in is very nice. She knew me and my daughter’s name when we came in for the first time and then when I returned a couple days later, I was impressed with the technology the office uses and also the print-outs with estimates for what I will owe for future procedures made it very understandable. I was also impressed with the website. It was convenient to be able to fill out the paperwork before coming to the first appointment. I also liked that it could be done online instead of having to try to write small and legible on a form. Lastly, I appreciate the appointment reminders by text and e-mail. That is more convenient than a phone call. Thank you for everything and see you soon!

Jamie McKnight

I feel I am treated very well and everything is explained to me in understandable detail. I am totally pleased with all the people involved and services and wished I’d found your office ten years ago.

John Collins

I absolutely love Dr. Bridenstine!!! Very caring and professional! I feel very blessed to have a dentist who actually cares about his patients. Thanks for getting this busy mom out of pain and ready to get back to my very busy life! Rhiannon Isenberg

The lady who explained the financial options to me was really nice, fun and friendly. She did a great job explaining and wasn’t pushy at all and gave me time to make the best decision for me. She made me feel very comfortable and I hope she is with you for a very long time. I can’t emphasize enough what a good job I think she does.

Stephanie Wyant

Everyone at the office is so friendly and very nice. Very professional

Bonnie Eckel

This was a crazy easy process. I had a chipped tooth repaired and I thought it was going to be more expensive, a two-day process and more difficult. Instead, it was inexpensive, an immediate process and was very easy. 3 for 3, I think I just found my new dentist!

Jose Rodriguez

I made the decision to go with dentures about 5 years ago. I went to the dentist in Olathe and was never so disappointed in my life. The dentures I received were way too large for my mouth. I couldn't eat and worse - I couldn't talk like I used to. I had to pick my words very carefully. My husband found Perfect Smiles Dental Care and Dr. Boldry for me. When I came here I was in tears because I was so unhappy with my dentures. Dr. Boldry was with me every step in the process of picking out my new dentures. I will tell you, Perfect Smiles and Dr. Boldry changed my life. She gave me back my confidence and my smile and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Dr. Boldry and Perfect Smiles.

Kathy G.
Now I have a terrific smile. I am so pleased! Everyone was so supportive throughout the process. Thanks to Perfect Smiles Dental Care, I am smiling more!
Jessica Heinz
Dear Dr. Bridenstine:

I just wanted you and your staff to know that all of you are the best. Dr. Bridenstine, you are the best dentist ever, (and I"m a dental phobic)! You have handled all my dental work, (crowns, fillings, etc) all with no pain whatsoever. I feel you are very knowledgable and also have a fantastic rapport with your patients. Each of your staff members is as friendly and welcoming as you are. From the moment I arrive, every effort is made to reduce stress associated with dentistry and you and your staff make it a pleasure to have dental work done - who know that could happen? I highly recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for a dentist in the area or contemplating a change. I know those whom I refer to your practice or those who may read this letter will not be disappointed. Thanks again to you and your staff for excellent dental care!
Mary B.
Meriam, KS
Dear Dr. Bridenstine/Donna & Staff:
Thank you so much for making my dental experience pain free and relaxing. My teeth look and feel great! I am looking forward to my appointment in January. I will be sure to recommend your practice to family, friends and associates. Thank you again.
Gary B.
Overland Park, KS
Dear Dr. Bridenstine,

Thanks so much for your follow up phone call last evening - sorry I wasn't home but because of your fantastic painless dental work, I was at dinner with friends!!

You and your staff provided the best - most cheerful - dental experience ever! I'll be singing your praises for years!

Thanks a Million,
Mary B.
Overland Park, KS
Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,
Thank you for my recent phone card. I was very surprised. Thank you for being so wonderful, you are all so special. You all make coming to the dentist fun and something I look forward to.
Thanks Again,
Natalie W.
Lenexa, KS
Dr. Bridenstine & Staff,
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the kind and caring service that I was given while at your office.
I have always been the type of person who has dreaded going to the dentist. I felt that way before my appointment with your office. As soon as I walked into your office, I was immediately put at ease. Your staff was full of friendly smiles and calming conversation. Your staff's caring attitude has completely changed my view of what a visit to the dentist can be like!
Kristen W.
Dear Dr. Bridenstine & Dawna,
Thank you so much for seeing me on Monday. The sharp pain is gone for now and my gums just have a dull ache - probably from brushing 4 times a day! I greatly appreciate you both and your thoughtfullness. Again, thank you for everything you have done for me! Have a good day!
Heather Collier
Kansas City, KS
To The Entire Staff of Kelly Bridenstine!
You guys are so great!!!! Thanks so much for the movie tickets. How could anyone think of looking elsewhere for care!
See you soon,
Mandra Hines
Kansas City
Before going to Dr. Bridenstine's office I had spent 6 years wearing a flipper with fake teeth on it to hide the fact that I was missing two teeth in the front of my mouth. I spent those 6 years being self conscious and never smiling because I was so embarrassed. I had finally given up hoping for something better and had come to face the fact that I wold have to have an ugly smile for the rest of my life. Then I met Dr. Bridenstine and realized this would simply not be the case. The staff at the office is incredible. They are the best group of people I have ever done business with. I was very worried but they made an extra effort to comfort me and make me feel "at home". I was also on an extremely tight schedule because I go to KU and wanted to get all the work done over Christmas break. I didn't know if it was possible in that short amount of time but they made sure it was done. Once they were all done with the work I had two three-piece porcelain bridges that couldn't look more natural. I am so happy with the results that I am smiling all the time and trying to show off my now beautiful smile. I could have never imagined that this experience would change my life so much. I am a happier and more confident person than I ever thought I could be and I know that it is because of the wonderful, experienced work done by Dr. Bridenstine and the wonderful ladies that help him. I encourage anybody who is the least bit embarrassed by their teeth to go to Perfect Smiles Dental Care. They will make you happy with your smile no matter what it takes! Then you too can feel the way I do.
Forever Grateful,
Lawrence, KS
I've never been told so much how nice and pretty my smile was from strangers. People just stop me in the grocery store to tell me that. It's like all I have to do is smile and people notice me. I"m so excited about my teeth, I sometimes catch myself just looking at them in the mirror wishing they were mine. Duh! They are! Thanks Perfect Smils Dental Care and Invisalign!
Antione Williams
Before I went to see Dr. Bridenstine, I hadn't been out on a date in a year. After having cosmetic work done on my teeth, I've been asked out on four dates in the first two weeks after getting my new smile. More importantly, I feel much more beautiful and am pleasantly surprised of all the attention I am receiving. Thanks.
Amy Dalton, Kansas City
8650 Candlelight Lane
Suite One
Lenexa, KS 66215
(913) 631-2677
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