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Autumn Dental Tips

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Autumn Dental Tips

Johnson County Dental Tips

The end of Summer fun and early Fall may include time by the pool, camping trips and relaxation of daily routines. Dental hygiene can suffer during these times. Cotton candy, s’mores, cold soda and fruit juice boxes are common sugar-laden treats found in summer diets. The sugar and acid found in these treats can contribute to tooth decay and the development of cavities. It is not possible for your child to remove all the cavity-causing bacteria from their teeth and gum line, so regular professional teeth cleanings are a key to your child’s oral health. When it is time to get Back-To-School check-ups and sports clearances, schedule your child’s Back-to-School dental visit with Dr. Bridenstine at Perfect Smiles Dental Care in Lenexa, Kansas.

Former US Surgeon General and pediatrician Antonia Novello reflected on the consequences of poor oral health among children stating that “Children who can’t eat well, can’t sleep, and are constantly hurting will become … undereducated underachievers”.

Your child can avoid the distraction and discomfort that cavities and dental disease may cause by scheduling regular dental health visits with Dr. Bridenstine. Between scheduled visits, it is helpful to monitor your child’s oral health. If you child experiences any of the following signs of possible dental disease, make sure you bring it to the attention of Dr. Bridenstine immediately:

When to Call the Dentist

  1. Winching or facial expression that suggest they are uncomfortable when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks
  2. The avoidance of sugary foods
  3. Chewing primarily on one side of the mouth
  4. Avoiding brushing and flossing – if your child suddenly avoids their dental hygiene routine, ask them if it hurts to brush or floss and have them point out the location of their pain
  5. Rubbing or touching the face – a cavity may cause irritated nerves that trigger pain signals felt not only in the area around the tooth, but in the jaw, cheek, sinus or even the ear
  6. Visible Holes in Teeth – Look inside your child’s mouth on the front, back and chewing surfaces of all teeth. Make a fun game or a learning experience out of using a flashlight and a store-bought dental mirror to explore each other’s mouths. If you see white patches, brown spots or holes in your child’s teeth, redness or inflammation at the gumline, or anything that looks out of ordinary, schedule an appointment for your student to be evaluated by Dr. Bridenstine.

Preventing cavities is always preferable, but sometimes they are simply unavoidable. Check your child’s mouth on a regular basis and be sure to help them with brushing and flossing. Most kids need some degree of parental help or supervision with their oral hygiene until about the age of nine. Even after the age of hygiene independence, pre-teens may need encouragement to floss, brush and use an oral rinse in order to prevent cavities.

As a licensed dentist, Dr. Bridenstine will look for signs of tooth decay via visual examination with magnification and x-ray as needed. Kick off your child’s Back-to-School planning by making an appointment with our office for: