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Back to School Time Brushing

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Back to School Time Brushing

Back to school time brushing!

Back to school time brushing is a new routine.  Summertime is over and it’s time to get back into that backpacking routine again.  Being a parent is hard, we get it, and trying to fit everything into the morning routine seems a bit daunting but we are here to help.  We find it easier to get your kids on the right track with teeth brushing if this is something you do with them. Kids love to have time with their parents, unlike what the popular belief is.  Especially the young ones. So, after you all have breakfast make a trip to the bathroom, can even be your bathroom as a treat! And, make it fun. Make funny faces and have a great time by showing them the best ways to get their teeth nice and clean.  

Getting your kids to stay on top of their oral hygiene can be a bit tricky.  Doing it with them gives them some of your undivided attention which all kids crave these days.  Make it more fun by buying flavors they like or even just want to try. Or getting them that whizzing toothbrush is even better. They think it’s fun and it does actually do a better job than a manual toothbrush. Especially when used properly.  If you would like Dr. Bridenstine to show your child the proper way to brush, he will be more than happy to do so during your next visit.

Getting a Brushing routine

Getting into a brushing routine is something that should be fun for the kids as help you out as a parent.  If you brush your teeth with them then they can copy you. Kids love to be taught one on one and this is a great time to learn.  Don’t have all sit down to eat a kind of lifestyle? Yep, we get it. Do just before you bolt out the door. Get a fun timer or even find some music that will be about 2 mins.  Set your phone as the timer and put on your favorite tunes. This can actually be fun. Just ensure you leave enough time before you bolt for those toothpaste oopsies. Yes, we understand things happen, so let’s plan a bit for them.  

Nighttime Brushing Routine

Nighttime brushing routine is just as important.  The recommended time for brushing is about 2 mins.  This is to ensure that you are taking the proper steps in getting the top, bottom, inside, outside and flat surfaces brushed properly.  Remember to floss as well when brushing for the best results. Taking time in the evening for bathes, teeth brushing, book reading and downtime is important to any child.  Children like routine and having a routine makes your life easier as well. They know what it is coming next so they can prepare for their bath without you telling them many times.   They know the routine and will most likely follow with more ease than it be all up to them. Brushing your teeth should be right there in the routine. And, it doesn’t have to be a chore, remember, life is what you make of it.  Add some music, put in a black light, make it fun for the kids. Maybe offer a little reward when they do a great job, and that reward could be as simple as a hug. Enjoy brushing your teeth again with your little giggles.