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How to do the least damage to your teeth this Halloween

halloween candy dentist

How to do the least damage to your teeth this Halloween

Oil and water. drinking and driving. Dentists and Halloween. There are some things that don’t mix. But, what if we told you that most dentists go trick-or-treating with her kids and even sneak a treat or true from their kids buckets?

Dentist know better than anyone else how unrealistic it is to keep people from eating extra sweets during Valentine’s Day Halloween and Christmas but there’s a smart way to indulge in seasonal treats without seriously damaging your teeth

First and foremost, Halloween night might be the most important night of the year to brush your teeth. That should be obvious. Now that we’ve established that, let’s look at 2 candies that you should partake of sparingly or just avoid all together.

Lollipops. When it comes to how bad something is for your teeth, frequency and length of exposure is more harmful than quantity. Theoretically it’s better for your teeth to eat 5 candy bars than one sucker( it’s just not as good for your waistline)Lollipops will rest millimeters from your teeth for 10 to 20 minutes.

Gummy worms. Besides being high in sugar, these candies and really anything sour and gummy, are among the most acidic. Highly acidic Foods wear down the enamel of your teeth, regardless of how much sugar is involved.

Anything sticky. We’re looking at you, caramel. Anything you can’t eat with braces is probably too sticky for your teeth. Bit O’ Honey’s and tootsie rolls are among the worst offenders.

bit o honey

On the other hand, some candies are easier on your pearly whites dark chocolate sugarless gum and other sugarless candies made with stevia or other sugar substitute candy bars with nuts

So, enjoy yourself, be deliberate about your candy, and remember that Halloween is a game time for your toothbrush. Remember if you do end up needing a dentist after Halloween, we are here to help.  Whether you need dentures, cosmetic dental work or just a check up, please call us at 913-631-2677.  We are just a short drive from Olathe, Overland Park and Shawnee.