Autumn Dental Tips

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Johnson County Dental Tips The end of Summer fun and early Fall may include time by the pool, camping trips and relaxation of daily routines. Dental hygiene can suffer during these times. Cotton candy, s’mores, cold soda and fruit juice boxes are common sugar-laden treats found in summer diets. The sugar and acid found in […]

Insurance & Invisalign

Dental Insurance in Kansas City There’s just a short time left in the year.  2018 is coming to a close and we want to make sure you don’t forget to use your healthcare benefits. With most employers, dental benefits don’t typically roll over into the next year.  If you are overdue for a checkup or […]

Use It or Lose It -Your Dental Benefits

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As the old saying goes “Use it or Lose it”! The end of the year will be here before you know it. Unfortunately many of our patients lose out on several hundreds of dollars due to unused dental benefits. We know life can sometimes get in the way and going to the dentist may not […]

How to do the least damage to your teeth this Halloween

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Oil and water. drinking and driving. Dentists and Halloween. There are some things that don’t mix. But, what if we told you that most dentists go trick-or-treating with her kids and even sneak a treat or true from their kids buckets? Dentist know better than anyone else how unrealistic it is to keep people from […]